Blast (Manga) Review


Since I got a bit tired of trying to review free android games,  my old PC (with the retro games on) is still dead and anime reviews take too long I thought I’d try reviewing a random manga (actually a Manhwa) instead.

The random manhwa in question is Blast by LEE Ha Na which is about Kael (aka Ryu Shiho) who is an angel who got expelled to the human world to improve his behaviour which didn’t work and he is now nicknamed Lucifer (awkward…). However if he ever wants to go back to heaven he has to complete 100 good deeds.

It had ok first impressions for the first chapter, they definitely managed to paint him as a total asshole thats for sure. The types of angels were a bit weird though. There was no early warnings or anything so I carried on reading.

While reading the story I noticed it was rather serious with a few comedy-ish stuff especially at the beginning but that seems to fade away quite soon. There wasn’t anything that special about the art style of the characters but it was still enough to carry on reading at the least, the protagonist was believable and didn’t do an immediate turn around which was good. There were a lot of cases where things seemed a little bit cheap though but they do get explained too and its hard to notice anything that could be seen as a major plot twist, the lore was pretty decent too.

But then something terrible happened, it just stopped on a permanent cliffhanger due to discontuation which I hadn’t known about which completely killed any reason to check it out. Kinda sad considering a powerful opponent had arrived and the characters desperately needed a power up (which they were about to get) and the fact they hinted at some kind of truth Kael would find there (the identity of his parents perhaps). Like most stories it was progressively getting better but sadly manga (and similar stuff) is mostly controlled by the publishers and this will never be finished.

Kinda awkward I managed to choose this as my first one to review, maybe suggest a load of random completed manga for me to read that doesn’t have anything missing (even if you don’t like it). Sorry about the lack of images by the way, the manga app I use doesn’t let you download pages separately and screenshots look stupid.


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