My thoughts about Time Machines

Everyone knows about time travel right. Going to the past and then changing something in order to change the future. My theory is that not long after time travel is created the technology in this world could advance at insane speeds but then there’s so much to think about. Firstly we have to believe that a Time Machine was actually created and the unlike most fictional Time Machines it’d be better to talk about one that doesn’t teleport the entirety of itself into the past but only chosen objects (and maybe data) therefore making it only useful after its creation.


Although this problem could be bypassed considering what a time machine can do. If they continued to research Time Machines after the first one is created it would be theoretically possible to send data on Upgraded Time Machines back in time almost destroying the problem instantly (depending on how long it would take to build).


I believe that because of this ability to send future technology (or designs) back into the past it is only logical to expect that the rate of technological improvement would skyrocket, although it would probably be quite advanced already if a time machine had been created.And then there’s the question of when it was made, who it was made by and why it was made but we’ll just assume there was no specific intent.


If the time machine didn’t need any energy on the receiving end in order to be used it is possible for an item to be duplicated almost infinitely. If you had an object and then sent it into the past the version from the past would still be there. This means that ,depending on how much the time machine could send back, it would be possible to double your item every time it is used. Although honestly if a time machine existed it probably wouldn’t be hard to create teleporters and cloning devices too.


However, one major problem would be that the user of the time machine will probably not be the person that benefits from this, you could say that you aren’t entirely creating stuff from nothing but actually taking it from alternate dimensions and leaving that one with less than before. It wouldn’t be able to change the same universe without problems happening and even if there wasn’t seeing everything around you constantly changing would be absolutely terrifying.


Either way rarity would be a thing of the past for some things, after all even if the Time Machine took years and insane amounts of money to build you could probably just clone the parts to make more much quicker/cheaper. Not saying that normal people would ever find a use of it, there’s so much potential for it to go totally wrong/right. Good examples would be from kind of pointless stuff like reviewing every bad movie/game that’s out ever but only personally experiencing a few of them and writing a list of movies/games that you really enjoyed so you could pre-order them to preventing terrible crimes as early as possible (as it would be rare for a shooter/terrorist to not get identified). A bad example would be a corrupt government or something similar finding and taking out their opposition before they even have a chance to become a threat to them.


Other things that would probably happen no matter what would be no more lotteries as it’d be way too easy for people to cheat and currency itself may become digital only. Then again with the implications that future technology could be simply sent to the past money might just stop being a thing if they were to create those things you see in Sci-fi that are basically magic 3D printers. In other words it has the potential to be used for amazing things as well as well as really bad stuff too.


Ultimately though to discuss all the potential after effects would take practically forever and perhaps even an essay and since I’m just a fat guy that writes random stuff on a blog and not a scientist I think I’ll leave it there. I actually just felt like writing this at one point and it was already mostly done on my Google Drive before I finished it today. Hope you liked it.


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