Should I write stories here?

Anyone that follows me on Twitter knows I have one of the most terrible cases of Writers block ever, I have tonnes of ideas but simply never get any of them done at all. I’ve been given loads of good advice and I know what to do but then I realized no one was giving me any feedback at all and it was 100% impossible if I kept them on Google Drive.

That’s why I’ve been thinking of putting them here, like all the other content I make its ultimately meant to be for your entertainment but stories are far more important than my other posts. After all a good story can be sold to make money and they aren’t time sensitive either.

If it did take off I’d simply make a page system for series, stories, chapters etc for people to read and leave it at that but that takes effort and considering I almost never get feedback on anything I ever do I personally have no idea whether I even want to do it or not. I do however want to get some of the stories written.

Just to give you an idea of what I’ve thought up: An experimental series with spinoffs changing between different genres, 1 stand alone story with a weird plot, 1 that would have chapters kinda like manga does (although I can’t draw) and a fantasy based story I don’t even think I can write for a certain reason. And those are only the ones I can still remember.

Thanks for reading this if you did, tell me in the comments if you like reading stories. Maybe tell me if you writ one yourself or throw me some tips on writing series or something.


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