Mekorama (Android) Review

Mekorama is a Puzzle game for Android created by Martin Magni where you help a small robot through 50 mechanical diorama’s. Unlike a lot of android games this is “Pay what you want” and therefore is completely free unless you choose to donate to the developer from one of the in game buttons.


The game doesn’t really have what you can call a title screen and merely show the name for a split second before throwing you into the level select. I don’t need to show you the menu’s but i can easily say they are easy to use with everything from a level creator, donation and options being a swipe (or few) away. I found the games use of QR codes to share levels quite interesting as each level could be shared easily and took practically no room on your device (there’s even a bonus level to scan in the store page screenshots).


The sound and graphics in this game are actually really good, not something mind blowing but it fits the gameplay, the fact you can move the camera easily around each level helps that (I recommend enabling free camera in options). The tutorial is incredibly quick and easy to follow and after that you’re thrown into the levels, movement was done by tapping so other than the moveable objects controls were very simple.

However the game was very quick to show that despite the simplicity of the controls there was potential for much harder levels, there wasn’t really much challenge in the levels I played although it did make you think and there was a lot of using the same moveable object in different ways in order to succeed (e.g. the level in the above picture aka Level 4). It did bug me that every now and then you’d be asked if you’d want to support the developer but since I was enjoying the game for free I had no right to complain.

That creepy thing is useless but you can make it.

I only got through 12 levels before i decided I’d try making my own level and while it was obviously a bit awkward with the angle it was ultimately a really simple and easy to use editor. On top of this I learnt the true potential of what you could create, sadly though the levels have a set limit on their size so nothing insane can be made.

The realization was what actually made me want to write this review, i had already been enjoying this game and when i discovered an element i hadn’t yet seen I had to show people how cool it was. Basically the 2 robots weren’t limited to the weird eyeballs and can have metal things as heads instead meaning its entirely possible to have the goal as the red bots head as seen in the tiny level I’ve created in the screenshot (I’ll be doing a video later too).

Overall its a very good game in my opinion, especially since its essentially free unless you say so. I’d actually throw some money at the dev if I could but since I can’t i highly recommend you give it a try yourself. You can download it here.


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