Sky Kid (NES) Retro Review

Sky Kid is a 1987 horizontal scrolling shooter for the NES developed and published by Namco. It might be interesting to note that its the first Namco game that allowed simultaneous 2 player.


Sky Kid (U) [!]-0


While the logo looked quite nice I had to wonder what was with the tiny noise you heard when starting the game instead of any sort of tune. It was interesting to note that the 2 modes were named after the characters you play as instead of the generic 1 player and 2 player you’d see in most other games.


Sky Kid (U) [!]-1


Going into this game with no prior experience was ultimately a bad idea as you actually fly from left to right and crashing into anything killed you. On top of this the music/sound wasn’t exactly that good and the colors seemed a little bit too bright as well.

Controls were really awkward at first, moving around seemed easy but shooting wasn’t. At first glance it looks like you can only shoot left in front and above and below diagonally depending on if you were flying up or down meaning crashing was surprisingly easy to do. Although you do also get a move where you do a 360 maneuver and while it is probably mainly for dodging you can shoot while using it making hitting enemies behind or below possible but extremely difficult.


Sky Kid (U) [!]-2


The game got a little less impossible once I did a little research and learnt that holding up and rapidly hitting B actually lets you recover from being hit if you are fast enough. Although that was nothing compared to the awkward realization that despite getting through 2 of the levels (and getting stuck on the 3rd) I wasn’t really completing them at all. To “Bomb the Target” as you’re supposed to you have to pick up the bomb off the ground and then drop in on the target, the fact that this uses the B button and therefore temporarily disables the loop suggests this is worth ignoring if you aren’t already good at the game. Although I also realized the game even lets you skip the bit where it tells you to land and still lets you go to the next mission despite crashing.

Something weird I noticed that I feel like mentioning was that the game was surprisingly cheat proof on top of being hard, something as simple as autofire didn’t even register and even game genie didn’t help (other than infinite lives) as you couldn’t spam bombs and you could only slightly increase your firing rate.

Overall its an ok game but one of the many that I couldn’t enjoy that much because of how bad I am at it. Although this seems like something I could get ok at if I perhaps replaced the controller I use and played it for a bit longer so I can still recommend it.


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