Blog Update 20/06/2016

I’ve been thinking a lot lately so I thought I’d make a small update. Basically while I’ve been trying to get at least 1 piece of content done whenever I can I keep burning myself out, not because of the amount I’m trying to do but the amount that I could do.

You could say that the main focus of my blog at the moment is gaming and if you want to be even more specific NES games since I’ve currently done over 100. Its not because I’m a super fan of the console but more because if I were to do SNES games more often I’d probably get put off from doing any of the older stuff as well as the fact 3d games like N64, PS1, Dreamcast aren’t possible at the moment.

The truth is I don’t want to be stuck as a gaming blog, I want to be able to increase my content and stick to them. I don’t like the idea of a schedule as it’d just cause me to break down if I ever was to miss anything so instead I just write stuff when I feel like it. However because I’m still not sure on what people are willing to read most of my other posts end up as a one time only thing whether I wanted them too or not.

Content that I’ve wanted to make includes things like Anime reviews, photo’s I’ve taken on the broken Windows phone I was given and drawings (if I ever got the motivation to not be shit at it). There’s also the other random content I’ve done like the sweets reviews, the tips and tricks as well as the occasional article.

I hate to say it but part of the reason I attempt to put so much effort into the blog is because I want to earn money one day. But unlike other people its not 100% for personal reasons, ultimately I want to get more stuff to review and one day have a PC good enough to truly bring back my YouTube channel (I want to make another Terraria Designs video for example).

Like always this isn’t asking for you to donate to me, there’s nothing I’d hate more than getting pity money that makes me look like a beggar. If anything I wish people would tell me what sort of content they like and perhaps suggest ideas of what I could do, my horrible indecisiveness is one of my biggest weaknesses.

That’s about it, I just felt like writing this as my motivation was a bit low. I’ll probably try writing something if I get a request today (that I can actually do) but otherwise I’ll just keep thinking of what I could do to improve. Thanks for reading.


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