Thoughts and Prayers: The Game (Flash) Review

Thoughts and Prayers: The Game is a small game created by GOP Arcade where you need to stop the mass shootings in America with the power of thoughts and prayers. The nature of this ‘game’ means that it can’t really be reviewed as one but I felt like doing it anyway.


T&P 1


Interesting title screen, the combination of pixelated graphics with a background of cut and pasted guns and no music suggests this was made quite fast. Sadly that seems to be a theme with any game that made to attempt to make a point as you want to do it while its still relevant.


T&P 2


You do get a little tiny bit of music when you first start and it ends. In the ‘game’ you get 30 seconds to alternate between thinking and praying while hashtags (likely made up ones) appear on the map. There is also a third option but it doesn’t take long to realize that its totally pointless and why it was put in the game.

I did at least slightly agree with the message this was portraying though, I may be OK with people believing in something but I’ve always been bothered by people that readily offer prayers as if they actually did something. At least if you going to pray for something throw a few pennies at it too (remember families that have lost a loved one now have to think of funeral costs).


T&P 3


I realized that there was only one thing you could really do and I ran with it, I completely ignored the third button and just kept thinking and praying over and over. I think I got a decent score but as you’d guess it doesn’t really matter.

Overall I can definitely say that in terms of being a game it is pretty shit but that wasn’t what it was made for, it does its job of getting its message across and it can kind of be played (my high score is 257). If you want to ‘play’ it go to


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