FoxTrotte (Android) Review

FoxTrotte is a runner based game for Android developed by WitchLake Studio where you play as Mr Fox who has to chase down Mr Crow who has stolen his wheel of cheese.


As soon as you load the game you are greeted with pretty decent music and graphics with the background actually being a looping animation which was nice. It definitely made me look forward to playing it and the amusing reference to Harry Potter they put in was an added bonus that I wish more devs did.

Unlike a great deal of the runners on Android (or anywhere else) this didn’t focus on the usual “Go as far as you can” but instead went for a level system that you’d usually see in Facebook/Mobile games although giving you a large 50 lives to start with was refreshing compared to the usual 5 (in fact the lives start slowly refreshing all the way up to 30).


As soon as I played a single level I realized this was the “Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master” type that I enjoy (despite being terrible at). This was because there were 3 controls: A jump, a roll and a dash. Jumping and Rolling were as easy as you expect (and self explanatory) but if you even wanted a chance to get the gold medal you needed to master the dash. Basically while playing you see bottles with fire on which fills up the dash which lets you go much faster and go through obstacles. The challenge of it is knowing when and if you can use it (a bush is nothing but running head first into a bus has obvious results), grabbing more bottles to keep it going longer and keeping an eye out for the instant it runs out.

As soon as I started the second level I was even more impressed by the graphics, while I had assumed each 5 levels would share the same theme you actually go to a different location every level. They also have amusing things dotted in the background e.g. Level 3 aka Subway has what seems like a diner called Fried Crows with the second ‘R’ conveniently broken (I wonder if the devs hate crows).


What I found strange while playing it was that getting the cheese in a level was only used as a currency to save up for 2 specific costumes and to play challenge mode, there wasn’t any use collecting them if you were going after the stars. The ones you get are remembered and seemingly every 12 hours from when you first got them they reappear and can be collected again. Personally I would of had another star for getting all the cheese in a level in one run.

On top of the usual mode there was also Eggbombs which was unlocked by completing the 5th location in an area, this would make the levels much harder by filling them with explosives that can’t be touched or ran through. Luckily there is no real time limit attached to it unless you were racing your friend which I found nice. Sadly there was only 10 levels at the time of writing this and I’m not entirely sure it will ever be updated again, there is a small secret minigame concerning a certain duck you can find via the level select though (I’ll let you find it yourself).

Overall I think its quite a good game but it does suffer from being really short, I suspect the lack of downloads compared to the amount of effort that seems to have been put into the game may have put them off (it has no in game adverts at all). As unlikely as it is perhaps if enough people were to download it and give it a try they’ll think of continuing, at least I recommend playing it at least once: FoxTrotte


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