Raid on Bungeling Bay (NES) Retro Review

Raid on Bungeling Bay is a 1987 NES game designed by Will Wright (then ported by Hudson Soft) before being pubished by Broderbund. The plot is that you control a helicopter tasked to bomb the factories belonging to the Bungeling Empire before they get the chance to build a war machine and take over the world.


Raid on Bungeling Bay (U) [!]-0


As someone that wasn’t a fan of the Sim City series (personal opinion) there was no special reason I was playing this. Ultimately I was just reviewing it for what it was, a top down shooter with unique AI (for the time). The title screen was boring if you hadn’t guessed.


Raid on Bungeling Bay (U) [!]-1


Getting into gameplay I found myself having to immediately get used to the controls, giving a large range of possible directions onto a mere d-pad meant having to use Left/Right to turn and Up/Down like in a lot of old games except in this case it felt a bit awkward. This may be because you were controlling something that was constantly moving and while you could slow down making bombing far less of a hassle you ended up looking like a sitting duck. The aim of the game suggests its meant to be played quite fast too.


Raid on Bungeling Bay (U) [!]-2


I did surprisingly get the hang of it though, most of my shots actually hit something (enemies spawn randomly) and thanks to the factories flashing lights they were incredibly easy to find (they turn off temporarily when you’ve bombed them enough). There were a few things that bugged me, the game seemed incredibly slow paced after a while despite how fast the helicopter seems ar first. This is probably because of the incredibly repetitive ‘tune’ in the background and the fact you have to constantly reload as you only have 9 bombs (although it does heal you as well).

I admit I took a liking to the graphics after a while though with the layout of each island not looking generic although the fact the sea essentially turns to blood when you’re about to die is a bit random and creepy (even if technically as soon as you lose they take over the world).

The fact that I played for so long definitely means that there is a bit of enjoyment to be had out of the game. However the fact that the entirety of that is spent on a single try made me not want to play it ever again, in fact I got to 26050 points before literally giving up and purposely sitting in front of a turret (where I only just found out you actually had lives…). It was probably my fault for not playing Game B first since it adds fighter jets and heat seeking missiles into the mix actually giving it some difficulty (although having to fly back to the ship to defend it on top of refueling is really annoying).

Overall its a game that desperately is in need of a remake if it wants to be any good, the gameplay is interesting but feels repetitive and the old graphics and bad music doesn’t help at all.I do not recommend playing it.


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