Clandestine: Anomaly (Android) Review

Clandestine: Anomaly is a gps based augmented reality tower strategy game (what a mouthful…) for the android developed by ZenFri Inc. The idea is that an alien vessel is on collision with your neighbourhood and thanks to some alien software your device has been supercharged to see the confict around you. Like most Tower games the idea is to build said towers to fight against the alien invasion and defend earth.

Sadly as a fat paranoid person I can’t really go to any of the real-world GPS postions so I know I won’t be able to see 100% of the games potential. However while it does say that the locations are merely places dotted around an wide area around the Beacon which you’d usually set to your home. I’d say its highly recommended to play this via a mobile phone or a phablet with a working sim card and unlimited internet.


It was strange but a nice surprise to find the title screen had a strangely retro feel to it with ok pixelated graphics and decent music including a convenient sounds/music on/off toggle and list of credits. The way the game starts off was actually pretty cool, I didn’t expect video cutscenes at all so I was of course happy to see one even if it was really short.


After choosing the location of your beacon aka safe space and the area around it you’re willing to travel (so you hopefully don’t get campaign locations in the middle of a lake or something). First impressions is that it was awkward to have to turn my tablet diagonal to find the robot thing which didn’t seem like it was supposed to, although I wouldn’t know if that was a fault of the game or the device I am using (an 8 inch Lenovo Tablet).

Getting into the game the controls were easy to use and the tutorial was useful but i was disappointed that you didn’t seem to use the camera at all times and instead merely used a simplistic map of the area as a background of sorts. The gameplay itself seemed a little weird too even if it did make sense, basically the idea was to find and defeat the alien portal as soon as you can as they slowly upgrade themselves. The special aliens also wouldn’t use their abilities if you couldn’t see them so merely following the stream was actually not recommended as you’d think it would be.


However just like the little tutorial at the start the augmented reality did not work well at all on my Lenovo tablet, when using a It didn’t feel like I was actually aiming at anything and instead felt like I was just swinging it around desperately trying to find something, I did actually manage to shoot stuff though before the ability ran out.

That wasn’t enough to put me off on its own but what happened next definitely did, not only did the game crash after completing the fourth mission forcing me to do it again but that was the last mission I could do. It turned out that they sold it as a game with In-app purchases when it really is nothing more than a demo with a paywall. Not that you’re missing much, all it really does is force you to go to real world locations if you want to use the awkwardly bad laser ability (maybe really good mobile phones work better).

Overall I couldn’t help but be disappointed with this, even if its because of the tablet i own that caused most of the problems my first impressions aren’t very good and therefore I cannot recommend playing it.


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