Sonic Adventure 2 (Gamecube) Cool Stuff

I had no idea what to call this but I was told I should make it. Basically I like looking through games for random stuff like textures and music and now and then I find stuff worth keeping. This time I’ve ripped most of the backgrounds out of Sonic Adventure 2 for you and uploaded them here. Note the quality isn’t that good because they’re from an old game. Enjoy.

Title Screen

First is the background you see at the title screen which usually has stuff on top of it, it makes a great mobile background although I sadly can’t turn it into a gif so it can scroll like it does in game.

Map 1

Map 2

I also ripped the Map images since I thought they were cool, note that because all the large images were made up of 256×256 or 128×128 squares I kept the 2 parts separate. I have the top map set as my Twitter banner.

Display Test

The display test background has 2 characters unlike the others so I decided to start put this here first. Note I didn’t post the shittier looking backgrounds on purpose.


Always liked this background, probably because of the colored background. If they were any different I would of left it (like the Sonic and Shadow backgrounds just like this one).

Sonic 2DSonic 3D

The main characters all have 2 backgrounds each which consist of 2D artwork and the 3D one used for themes, I obviously started with Sonic the Hedgehog since he’s the main character.

Shadow 2DShadow 3D

To think that Shadow was meant to be nothing but a Sonic lookalike is crazy but the plot heavily leans towards that, in fact not much was changed about it at all from what I can tell. If he were a lookalike a lot of future games wouldn’t exist and the ending of the game would be far more dark (he’d actually die permanently).

Rouge 2DRouge 3D

While I think Rouge is an ok character I sometimes wonder if she was made to even out the cast, there are not many female characters even if you include Amy Rose especially since the latter isn’t playable in the story.

Knuckles 2DKnuckles 3D

Knuckles is quite a cool character although he’s also the kind you love to hate, he’s really stubborn and tends to make himself seem like an idiot when he probably isn’t. I’ve never really liked his missions though, I kinda wish he was just given some sort of beat-em-up stages instead.

Tails 2DTails 3D

This game was probably before Tails’ got a bit annoying with his over the top technological genius. Even Sonic would be in trouble is Tails ever turnt evil and joint up with Eggman. I mean who else other than them 2 would be able to casually build plane/cart/mecha combo’s.

Eggman 2DEggman 3D

Eggman is a character I quite like which is a good thing considering he’s in a lot of games, playing as him though is much better than merely beating him up. I’m so glad they cut out the Omochao’s dialogue saying his mustache is fake since he’d look retarded without it. Also for someone that builds machines his arms and legs are like twigs…

Amy 2DAmy 3D

Despite not being playable in the story Amy Rose still gets some dialogue when continuing the story at some points which explains the background. I actually find Amy Rose ok, she’s a female character that can defend herself quite well considering she’s got a huge hammer. And then there’s the mystery of her making it through Prison Island and even stealing the keycard as well…

Secretary 3D

It must of been quite a surprise the first time someone realised you could unlock a theme for such a minor character, quite interesting though and more is always better in most cases.

Omochao 3D

Although Omochao may be an exception to that. Apparently if accidentally running into them during a stage and hearing the same thing while it flies around you isn’t annoying enough you can eventually buy a theme from the black market after getting so many emblems.

Maria 3D

Last Background is Maria’s and the reason i put it last is because its the hardest to unlock, not only have I heard you need all the emblems but you 100% need to have a Sonic Advance game attached via the cable when you enter the store for it even to appear. Note that this is the only background where the logo is the top left corner was not translated. I have to wonder if you can still get this in the re-releases.

That’s about it, there are some other things that might be interesting but I’ll leave it at this for now. If you liked it tell me down in the comments and always feel free to suggest content ideas.


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