Yoshi’s Cookie (GB/NES/SNES) Retro Review

Yoshi’s Cookie is a puzzle games for NES, SNES and Game Boy developed by Bullet-Proof Software and either published by them (SNES version) or by Nintendo (NES and GB versions). This is yet another incredibly pointless multi console review yet compared to the other Yoshi game this ended up on the SNES as well.


Yoshi's Cookie (U) [!]_000Yoshi's Cookie (E) [!]-0Yoshi's Cookie (U)000


The fact there was a version on a newer generation of consoles compared to the other 2 already proved which one would be the better one. However it was interesting to note that the NES/GB got a different title screen with a little cutscene of sorts which I thought was actually better than the weird animated title screen the SNES version got. Some people might even prefer the 8 bit version of the theme tune on the NES too.

All 3 versions have 1P (Action on the SNES) which is the normal stages with the speed/stage/music selections you see in some other games as well as VS which is you VS either a player or a CPU. However the SNES version also has a puzzle mode where you have to clear the screen (which is how you clear stages in Action anyway so no screenshot needed).


Yoshi's Cookie (U) [!]_001Yoshi's Cookie (E) [!]-1Yoshi's Cookie (U)001


The SNES version is obviously the best in terms of graphics actually having backgrounds and stuff with the music being better too. The NES version is passable though.

The gameplay was quite simple to work out, essentially you could move columns up or down or rows left and right in order to match the cookies up and hopefully clear the board. You also have the things at the side (which I never worked out what its for).

At first it seems quite simple but after a few rounds you starts to see how hard it really is. Instead of only having to match a certain number you have to complete the entire row column which means the more rows there is the harder it’ll be. On top of that more cookies are added if you are too slow and if they reach the edge you lose. I found this quite interesting.

Puzzle stages are essentially clearing out set patterns with only a few moves which is a nice addition to the game. Its actually really satisfying when you get them right.


Yoshi's Cookie (U) [!]_002Yoshi's Cookie (E) [!]-2Yoshi's Cookie (U)002


Last thing I tried checking out was the VS mode despite the fact i had no one to play with, oddly enough the NES version was the only one that didn’t have a character select or an AI opponent (the SNES version lets you choose AI or 2P).

Also with the GB version being such a downgrade it couldn’t even show the second player so you’re stuck with a slowly rising bar instead making it less of a vs battle and more of a time attack with annoying stuff thrown in randomly.

The thing is no matter how many times I played it i could never really get used to any of the effects and didn’t really have an idea of what does what. On top of that I felt that the AI was overly difficult or at least I wouldn’t feel so bad if i had lost against a player, I think It’d actually be fun if I did that.

Overall its quite a decent game and the NES version is still ok if you want to collect it but its obvious the SNES version shines above them and the Game Boy version died of old age forever ago.


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