Toki (NES) Retro Review

Toki is a 1991 Platformer for the NES developed for the NES developed by TAD Corporation and published by Taito. You play as a slow weak monkey who can defeat enemies with a spit attack and must go through multiple levels.


Toki (U) [!]-0


The title screen looks alright but the music seems a bit bad, although you’re immediately distracted about how weird the story is. You see a little cutscene thing too although its only until after you start the game that some text tells you that the evil guy is Bashtar and your kidnapped girlfriend is Miho (I don’t need to tell you what your name is). I was slightly amused as the line “regain his manhood”.


Toki (U) [!]-1


Getting into the game the graphics weren’t terrible but the enemies seemed unbelievably random. Also while the controls were easy to work out having magic spit as an attack just seemed stupid, in fact it bugged me that you slowed down while spitting. Although that was nothing against the fact that while you you can shoot in most directions while standing you can only shoot left and right while jumping which is when having more control makes the most sense and is probably needed too.

The game even throws projectiles at you quite early and if you aren’t ready you’ll lose your measly 2 hitpoints quite easily. At least the checkpoints seem to be super generous and you can jump on enemies heads to kill them as well


Toki (U) [!]-2


The bosses I went against seemed interesting, especially in their designs although they also seemed very simplistic. I won the first 3 bosses (including the Stage 2 miniboss) on my first try which I doubt was because of skill or anything.

I sadly only made it to stage 3 after a few tries, I can easily say that the game does put in new machenics to stay interesting although at the same time it also seemed like a difficiculty spike with a few areas that could instantly screw you over. At least I enjoyed most of it.

Overall its an ok game, it has its flaws as you’d expect but you can at least get some fun out of it the first time so I recommend giving it a try.


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