Big Haribo Starmix (Sweets) Review


Yet another sweets review from me, this time its a big packet of Haribo Starmix which is one of 2 big bags of sweets I got on my birthday. I didn’t really have anything to do so I thought why not. Also sorry if the pictures are too dark.

For those that don’t know (somehow) Starmix consists of 5 types of sweets: Eggs, Bears, Rings, Cola and Hearts (also the order I eat them in). Note there’s no real difference in the texture even in the ones with “sweet foam” so I won’t mention it.


The main reason I start with eggs isn’t because of their size but because it has more of the white stuff and ultimately while it has a nice look to it only the colored part really has flavor (although said flavor is nice). While I love chewy sweets I’m not the sort of person the sort of person that chews things for the sake of doing it.


Next was the bears which while being the smallest of the sweets was also the one that offered the 2nd most variety although some people may find it weird that there is only what you’d think would be Lime, Lemon and Orange although the back of the packet lists loads of fruits. They do have a nice flavor though although not as strong as you’d expect with that flavor lineup, if I had to rank them it would be Orange < Lime < Lemon.


The third one is the rings which provides the best variety by mixing together 4 flavors which are Yellow, Orange, Red and White/Clear. As you can see in the picture the rings consist of the actual ring part and a different bit at the top which is meant to be the gem. They all taste quite nice but since they are all mixtures of each other it was hard to say there was an individual best, the clear one seemed to be the most interesting of them though. Also it might be interesting to note it is sometimes possible to get one that’s entirely one color.


The 4th is the Cola Bottles which is a combination of flavors that is meant to taste like Cola (the not so fizzy kind). Other than the fact they’ll never be exactly like drinking Cola, they do taste quite similar and are my favorite in the packet. Probably because while the exact ingredients are unknown it actually has a name for the flavor (instead of just colors).


Last one is Hearts, unlike the eggs this has plenty of fruit flavor as well as the foam. It also has one of the best flavors which doesn’t get too powerful like the other ones sometimes do randomly and the layer of sweet foam helps that. It’s the 2nd best in my opinion but also the best to end on.

Overall, Marino Static tastes great, probably really unhealthy and definitely not for everyone. In fact honestly I’d recommend just getting a bunch of smaller packets. You definitely wouldn’t get as much but you’d get far more variety by mixing the types up.


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