Super Digestion Moose (Android) Review

Super Digestion Moose is an Android game developed by Alvar Pernroth where you stop a moose from starving by eating as much food as you can and not eating anything bad like laxatives. The game is well known thanks to Pewdiepie playing it at some point.


The fact that the only thing resembling a title screen was what you see above you could tell it was going to be a very simplistic and small game. At least the graphics looked quite nice and the sound effects were decent as well.


The gameplay was simply to tap food as it fell so that the moose would eat it while avoiding laxatives which may seem simple but the speed in which things fall and the randomness to it made it much harder. Getting the scores you see in the achievements seemed beyond impossible since a single miss was usually enough to starve to death. Ultimately you could tell that the game was something that would be picked up and dropped rather quickly.


I did give it quite a few tries though and realized that the lemons seemed like the only real chance of getting anywhere which meant beating your high score was almost entirely luck based which some people consider quite a bad thing. Honestly the only reason it was worth playing it for more than a few tries was the animations, getting a laxative caused it to poop which instantly starves it and makes it pop (which I assume kids would find amusing).

Overall its an ok game with good graphics but not something that has that much replay-ability unless you are good at it and even then I can’t really recommend it.


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