Hands of Hades (Android) Review

Hands of Hades is an Android game developed by ding!Dev where you salvage souls of people in order to save them from eternal damnation. I meant to review this a very long time ago but the game refused to work for me back then. This time it works though.


The game was never going to be a masterpiece considering it was made by 3 people (not everyone is Dean Dodrill) although from first glance it didn’t look terrible and the music was decent even if it looped after a bit. One major flaw though was there didn’t seem to be any sort of save feature implemented or instructions telling you what to do. I ended up having to guess everything and luckily it was actually quite simple.


Getting into the game it was obvious that the graphics weren’t amazing although the way it was styled made up for that, I did feel like a bit of filtering would help in places. Controls were easy to work out, tapping the screen would make a giant hand come out the ground and that would collect people, you basically had to get as many as you could in a time limit (is the animation the wrong way…?). There was also 3 types of minions but while it was a nice addition they seemed a bit pointless (and glitchy since spamming the button spawns loads of them).


It was only until after you’ve played the main part that the menu makes any sense, the 3 options were places you would send the people you collect although I couldn’t really be bothered and just chose the convenient auto-sort (you need to for points for upgrades). I found it weird that the game actually had a world population that slowly went down, that means it would be possible for the game to end but the fact the game won’t save progress seems to ruin that. Upgrades seem alright although since I don’t care about the minions the only one worth getting is extra hands, I can’t help but feel that extra time would of been a nice addition to the upgrades menu.

Overall its not exactly a good game but there is some enjoyment to be had out of it. Considering the games age the game probably won’t be updated although I can say the developer put in a lot of effort to get it working in the first place (like I said earlier I couldn’t play it the first time I went to review it).


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