Fruit Slice (Android) Review

Fruit Slice is an Android game developed (or just published) by Top Casual Games where you swipe the screen in order to cut fruit in pieces as they appear on screen before they fall off. It is similar in gameplay to Halfbrick Studios Fruit Ninja but it’d be wrong to call it a copy.


The title screen looks ok but the lack of any music in it seemed a bit bad, choosing options by slicing the fruit wasn’t that impressive either (although it wasn’t a reason to not like it).

There were 4 modes to choose from consisting of Classic, Time, Pipeline and One Shot. The first 2 were a bit generic with Classic being the usual get as many as possible without missing any and dodging bombs and Time was just how much fruit you could cut within a limit. The other 2 were the interesting ones as they both needed you to be more specific, Pipeline needed you to cut them in a certain order with said pipeline filling up while One Shot needed you to get the required fruits in one slice without extras.


Getting into the game (classic first) I realised there was no music there so while the graphics were ok it still seemed a bit bad. The gameplay itself was ok though even if you could compare it to another game, I liked the design of the bombs they used in this. Timed wasn’t really that interesting though, getting a high score on that was really just swiping across the screen like crazy the whole time and either needs insane skill or none at all. Neither of them made me want to try again (although I did for the sake of reviewing it).


The third one I played was Pipeline and even with the complete lack of music the challenge of having to dodge the other fruit and having to get them in an order was far more fun than the previous 2 modes (in my opinion). That’s because there was more to dodge yet missing any wasn’t such a bad thing. In fact it might of been better than One Shot too as while that is interesting its only a little bit harder than Classic is at first. When you think about it Classic is basically just a practice for these 2 modes.

Overall its an ok game although the fact that alternatives exist gives the lack of any music a far greater effect on my overall opinion and therefore I cannot recommend it.


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