DuckTales (NES) Retro Review

DuckTales is a 1989 Platformer for the NES developed and published by Capcom based on the Disney animated cartoon with the same name. The story consists of Scrooge McDuck traveling the world in search for treasure to become the richest duck and outwit his rival Flintheart Glomgold.


Duck Tales (E) [!]-0


Not only does the logo look quite good for a NES game but people that have seen the cartoon would probably love the 8 bit rendition of the theme tune. In fact I had heard that was the standard and some of the music was better which I had to agree.

Note that I played on Normal, if there is any major changes with Hard mode feel free to tell me though. I also just went through levels in order of the list although part of me felt like I shouldn’t.


Duck Tales (E) [!]-1


When i got into the actual game I could say that both the music and graphics were good but the controls seemed to be a bit awkward since people playing the game without looking at the instructions won’t realise that the pogo jump (which is thankfully easy to use) also doubles as your attack. I quite like it though, it seems unique or at least i haven’t played many games that use something like that.

I found how to find treasure quite strange but cool too, opening chests and hitting certain things seemed simple enough but there’s also small hidden areas too. They’re not exactly hard to find but there’s still satifaction in gettin a boost of money.

Only ‘problem’ i found was how hard the game seemed when you start off, there wasn’t really any time to practice unless you play again over and over. However considering you can start from any level it wasn’t that hard to get better at it.


Duck Tales (E) [!]-2


I almost won the moon level on my first go including finding a hidden treasure and felt really satisfied with myself but sadly the fact I lost my last life my going down the wrong rope/pole (?) and falling down a hole made me less ready to have another try. Other than that the levels are laid out quite nicely and after quite a few retries I finally got to my first boss.

Having only played the game on Normal for most of the review session (then Hard for a little while) i couldn’t really tell the difference between the difficulty other than bosses. From what i remember they only take more hits which to me would make hard mode a waste of time however i did enjoy working out their patterns.

Overal its a very good game but while people go on about how this is supposedlyone of the best NES game ever I ithink it still has its share of problems in places.


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