Astro Boy: Omega Factor (GBA) Retro Review

Astro Boy: Omega Factor is a 2003 Beat ’em up for the GBA developed by Treasure and Hitmaker before being published by Sega. The games plot has elements from different incarnations of Astro Boy and even other series by Osamu Tezuka.


Astro Boy - Omega Factor (E)_000


From the very beginning you got pretty decent music although you can’t really tell if the graphics are any good just yet.

The options don’t really that that much in there although two of the 4 options felt like they should of been on the Title screen (“Tezuka Character List” and “High Score”). Although the “Language” and “Delete All Data” weren’t that useful to me.

The list is a cool addition to the game where you get to learn a bit about the characters you meet while the High Scores is seperated into “From Beginning” (All Stages), “Stage”, and “Block” (basically part of each stage). There’s no point looking before you’ve played the game though.


Astro Boy - Omega Factor (E)_001


The music used for the bit of story as you start the game was awesome and thankfully set a standard for the rest of the game. I could also say that the visual were really good for its time too especially in the levels.

The Tutorial was nice and helpful with the controls being super easy to learn, the special powers all being awesome especially for the laser. It was interesting to note that the hud was nice and clean and had both numbers and a bar for “Life”. The powerups were really useful too.

From the very first stage there is a huge variety of enemy types and backgrounds to see, it is truly enjoyable from the start. The fact it has score (with combo multipliers) and time makes it very replayable too. Even the bosses were quite good on top of all of that, it seems like you could spam super moves although the game actually makes it a bit harder than you’d think and they even give bosses stupidly powerful attacks that somehow still seem pretty fair.


Astro Boy - Omega Factor (E)_002


There are even a few flying levels mixed in which aren’t really even needed to make this a good game, the small space on screen might be a little bit annoying though compared to games of its type.

Really though everything about this game is quite good, even people that don’t really care about Osamu Tezuka’s stuff would enjoy the story. However the lag sadly ruins the overall enjoyment, its even more noticeable for me since I play the game via an emulator and thats always at 100%.

Overall though the game is definitely worth playing at some point in your life. I’m surprised it hasn’t been remade because the removal of lag, cel-shaded 3D, fully animated cutscenes and voice acting would make this 1000 times better. I wonder if there’s a way to make that happen.


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