Willow (NES) Retro Review

Willow is a 1989 Action RPG for the NES developed and published by Capcom which is based on the 1988 movie of the same name. Unlike a surprising amount of NES games its not a port of the arcade game (which is a platformer) but a separate release alongside it.


Willow (E) [!]-0


The opening story was quite interesting, there was a nice looking screen with what looked like fire effects that was much better than the actual title screen too. I couldn’t help but feel I should of seen the movie already though (Most movies I used to watch are older than me).


Willow (E) [!]-1


The game starts off quite relaxed although you immediately find something a little bit annoying. Talking to people essentially means entering a ‘cutscene’ where you the text goes kinda slow. Entering a building does this automatically so RPG lovers that find it amusing to steal people’s stuff may find that disappointing.

What made it a bit more annoying though is the fact that this game had the common thing of not starting with anything and having to find a person to give it to you therefor seeing these ‘cutscenes’ alot.

It was also obvious that they compromised on loading times and the amount they could load at once in order to have admittedly nice looking graphics (especially during battle when it animates).

However it was during battle that it seemed to fall apart, the first monster you encounter hits you and then proceeds to run off so you don’t get anything. The way enemies appear out of thin air can screw you over too and using the sword can seems just as unwieldy as the person in game said they’d be.


Willow (E) [!]-2


It ended up getting really annoying, whenever i died you luckily are only respawned at the last village you been to (which is nice for a NES game) but it unequips all your stuff for no apparent reason.

While some battles got easier thanks to leveling up it was apparent some stuff was there simply to annoy you, after constantly running into random dead ends and even more “hit and run” enemies I got sick and tired of the game and just stopped playing it.

Overall I really didn’t like this game although thats kinda obvious when you factor in the fact its a movie based game and they rarely turn out alright. To many flaws and the only good things is slightly pretty graphics that quickly get tiring.

Actually did this for a request, perhaps they wanted me to play the Amiga called Willow instead. Also, is the movie this game is based on any good?


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