Happily Ever After (NES) Prototype Review

Happily Ever After (originally Snow White) is an unreleased Platformer for the NES developed by SOFEL which was meant to be based on a film that came out around the same time it announced which bombed. The game kept getting pushed back although the prototype that was recently dumped says 1991.


Happily Ever After (unreleased)-1


The game starts with explaining the story and as it turns out Happily Ever After is actually a sequel to Snow White (probably an unofficial one), you can kind of tell why the movie it was based on would do badly. Also its strange that the Title screen has “/99/” since that would suggest it was pushed all the way back to 1999 which may or may not an entire console generation after the NES. It has a bit of a weird map screen and the distance you go just to get to stage 1 suggests its a very small game.


Happily Ever After (unreleased)-0
See anything missing?


Getting into the game I noticed the graphics were a bit weird and the music was quite repetitive but luckily neither of them were to the point of being annoying. The controls were a bit weird though, as well as just A is jump and B is attack (which she does by spinning) pressing B fast pauses the game and activates one of her unlocked powers. In fact the craziest thing would be that lives and hp are the same thing, getting hit essentially takes a whole life off you every time. It started getting annoying very quickly.


Happily Ever After (unreleased)-2
I basically spoiled 1/4 of the game with 2 pics…


There were also bosses and I wasn’t that sure they were programmed that well and even the first one seemed impossible… if you stay in front. Staying in front meant getting hit every time especially since your attack is a super close range one, however if you take a hit and walk through it the boss doesn’t turn around and its a bit more possible.

Although it almost seems on purpose since the 2nd level of just a few pulls a particurlarly nasty trick with a bridge. In fact the ability system might as well have been done like that to screw people over because you rarely actually need any of them, in fact it would of been better to just scrap the thing entirely.

The 4th (and already final) turns the game into a maze just to be annoying and even threw a pointless boss rush in your face before the big boss who didn’t even turn into a dragon, he just jump backward and forward while shooting annoying projectiles at you and being generally impossible to beat (although I had to cheat to get there in the first place). It was at that point I knew the game was shit and never did deserve to be released.

Overall while its a good thing that a prototype has been found its sadly not of a very good game. You can’t let it off because its a prototype if the date is true as it would mean they had quite some time to improve on everything.

Download the rom here.
PrinceWatercress’ LetsPlay.


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