Home Alone is a 1991 action game for the NES developed by Bethesda Softworks and published by Altron or THQ. It is based on the movie of the same name and is one of many different versions. The idea of this game is to simply fend off Harry and Marv (aka the “Wet Bandits” from the movie) for 20 minutes using everyday items as traps or weapons.

Home Alone (U) (REV0) [!]-0

While the title screen did look quite nice with the logo and everything the music wasn’t really to my tastes. Perhaps there was something wrong but one of the instruments sounded like it needed to be quieter instead of being the loudest one.

Home Alone (U) (REV0) [!]-2

Getting into the gameplay i could already tell that it would be awkward and probably not that good either. I know its a common thing in old games but movement seemed awkward, especially walking up stairs which needed you to be facing the right way when you press up. Not only that but the gameplay seemed to just be trying to get to squares which were items and dropping them on the floor which trips them over for a bit. There’s even glitches, one of the most noticeable ones being the fact you end up moon-walking a lot but there’s supposedly a way to take one of the two villains out of the picture for the whole ‘game’ as well as a strategy which is essentially just hiding in the tree.

Home Alone (U) (REV0) [!]-1

Really a game like this would’ve been better if it weren’t on the NES or at least they put more effort into it. After doing what felt like nothing for 20 whole minutes without getting caught by the 2 annoyingly fast guys all you get is that image you see above where the stress of having burglars chasing him seems to have aged the kid by quite a few years. In fact it’s worse quality than the image you get when you lose although that’s probably because you’ll be seeing it far more often.

Overall I don’t think this is a good game at all. I heard its part of its own little niche genre known as Trap ‘em up but I’m not even sure if its even any good by those standards either. Or at least I could tell a lot of things that really needed improving.


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