The horrible time fixing my old PC

I’ve been inactive lately and while it was mostly my fault you may not have realized that I’ve been unable to use my PC for the past 2 days and it was such a hassle that i thought I’d tell you.

First of all the PC has xp which should give some of you a good idea of what I was dealing with. Secondly, a PS1 disc i was playing in an emulator exploded taking out my disk drive with it.

It all started when i was getting sick of the occasional blue screen i would get for memory management. Basically it means there’s something wrong with the ram and while someone that reads my blog is awesomely sending me some shiny working ones i thought I’d see if i could remedy the situation by replacing the 1gb ram with 2 512mb. This didn’t go anywhere near how i wanted it and not only did one set of ram not get read at all but my PC suddenly didn’t work.

So i replaced it with the old one again and turned it on to find that the system files are corrupted but with no CD drive or CD it seemed like it would be impossible until i remembered i had an seemingly ancient laptop. I torrented some Windows XP ISO’s (I’m against Piracy but this is an exception) and every time it failed until i realised i was downloading the completely wrong. I finally managed to get the right one and using RUFUS managed to put it on a USB and recover the system files using the “copy [Drive]:\windows\repair\_ [Drive]:\windows\system32\config\_” method (_ being one of 5 things which are default, sam, security, software and system).

With that i finally didn’t have that problem but the computer kept restarting, however i was able to get into safe mode. Like an idiot i looked online for stuff to help instead of finding out the specifics first and ended up trying pointless things that I’m not sure actually did anything. In the end i disabled automatic restart which let me see the blue screen with what i believe said vtdisplay.dll as the error. Quickly finding that this was something to do with graphics i immediately went into safe mode, disabled and deleted the graphics driver and now it works.

As of now I’m currently setting a few things back up as my drives full of roms to review on here was accidentally wiped but I should be able to do reviews if i get a request. I don’t think I’ll make any GodMode videos until I get the new ram although I’ve been trying to learn lua scripting before that so it doesn’t make a difference.

Thanks for reading, remember requesting retro reviews doesn’t cost you anything and you can just throw a list at me (can’t do anything 3D although i believe PS1 works).


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