While the last sweet review i did was mostly for a joke i was given a pack of these and decided i had to review them too. In fact i personally wish i had the money to do this more often.


As you can tell by both the picture and the title the thing I’m reviewing is Swizzels Loadsa Sweets which consists of 1 ‘double lolly, 2 small Original Lemon Refresher bars, 3 Mini packs of Love Hearts, 3 Drumsticks, 6 mini packs of Parma Violets and a surprising 8 mini pack of Fizzers. In fact i could smell some of them the second i opened the bag. The fact there’s only 1 of one thing but loads of another really bothers me with these bags on top of the fact I’ve never seen one that doesn’t say “40% Extra Free”. I decided to start with the odd one out.


Whether by bad luck or something i opened the pack to find an insane amount of sherbet and the chew broken, it wasn’t exactly a bad thing but it meant i could take the whole sweet out to take a picture. The silver lining to it was that you could smell the sherbet as i mentioned has quite a nice smell. When you bite into them the sherbet hidden inside gets  released which gives it most of its flavor, in fact I’ve always wondered if I would actually like it if it was just a plain chew.


Had to use this picture in the previous review because i used the wrong image before.

These are the exact ones i review last time so its going to be almost the same, which if you hadn’t read that is the Raspberry and Milk Drumstick. The wrapper is easy to open despite its looks although you can’t really smell anything to get an idea of what it tastes like. However when you put it in your mouth you get quite a nice raspberry flavor with the milk almost lurking in the background in a really satisfying way. Despite being classed as a chew i totally recommend just sucking on it, it lasts ages that way.

Don't need 2 pictures if you can see it through the wrapper.

The double lolly is the third thing i decided to review despite it being the only one in the pack. Unlike the drumstick its packaging can be quite a pain to open but once you do its plain sailing. Not much of a smell to it but the taste is quite alright with it being slightly stronger than the drumstick although its quite easy to accidentally bite it into pieces which gives you a quick but powerful burst of flavor (if you prefer that).  The fact the flavor doesn’t have a name kinda bugs me but that isn’t much of a problem.


I still don't why selfies are a popular thing...

Next was the small packet of Love Hearts which like the lolly has its own flavor, the colors don’t mean a thing. On their own you can’t really smell them but you can when all seven are together and its pretty nice. As for the taste they aren’t bad but I personally don’t like them as much as i used to and its hard to say why too. It also might be interesting to note the messages on them have changed over the years with stuff like “Tweet me” and “Take a Selfie” being some of the newer stuff.


The 2nd to last thing is the Fizzers and considering there’s a whole 8 mini packs of them i sure hoped they were ok like i remember them. Getting them out the wrapper is a bit awkward and you end up tipping them all out, also despite the name there isn’t much of a smell to them. You did get the ‘fizz’ when you ate them though however just like the Love Hearts they were ok but i can easily say this is the better of the two.


The last sweet i had was the mini parma violet and one of mt favorite sweets when i was younger. The packaging is the same awkward kind as the Fizzers, you could wrap them back up but there’s no real point. The strong point about Parma Violets are their smell, while they are once again a mystery flavor unique to the sweet the smell is really nice. Their flavor is actually quite weak but unlike the above two its pleasant enough to actually like them.

Overall the chewy sweets outclassed the others to me with the parma violets being my most favorite out of the non chewy ones. It would of been nice if there was less fizzers and 1 more ‘double lolly’ instead but its ultimately an ok packet of sweets.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment if you’ve ever had any of these before and what you think about them.


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