10 More Bullets (Flash) Review

10 More Bullets is a flash game created by Michel Gerard where you are a stationary turret with only 10 bullets and have to destroy as many ships with those bullets as possible by creating chain reactions.

10 More Bullets 1

Despite obviously being a tiny game the menu was laid out quite nice and i liked the choice of music. Sadly i couldn’t play 2 player and its slightly differing modes like 1 bullet and famine but its not that important.

10 More Bullets 2

Before you get into the gameplay you are met with a shop but it only has 4 which are combo, booster slots, grabbers and special waves. Combo is actually related to the ships since they essentially become more bullets when shot which causes the chain reaction you need with the amount of bullets being equivalent to the current combo and the upgrade upping the amount you can get. Boosters were things that dropped from ships that would do useful things like make more ships appear or give you piercing bullets and grabbers are small bots that grab the boosters and money that hit the floor. Said grabbers could get annoying because they’d merely grab whatever is there and fill up slots with crappy stuff (like faster grabbers. However i have to admit watching the bullets multiply and annihilate huge amounts of ships is satisfying even if its incredibly simplistic and mostly luck based.

10 More Bullets 3

Although the fact it was luck based did make the game get tiring very easily and there were other problems you notice after a while. While boosters do stack in most cases and its good in terms of stuff like more ships its mostly pointless, even getting 5 x2 score giving you an amazing x32 score is no use if you don’t actually hit anything. This is the same when shooting the first bullet too. No matter what i kept finding the bullets magically miss everything and even worse the strong ‘boss’ ships were literally bullet sponges and the appearance of one meant a very good chance you’d lose (or at least have to wait for it to go off screen before shooting again).

Overall its a nice little idea but there is too many problems and its too luck based to be worth playing. The developer doesn’t seem to want to implement any fixes either.


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