My current thoughts relating to my Blog/Channel.

My blog and channel haven’t exactly been doing that well lately and while that is mostly my fault for not staying active I’ve been finding it hard to get motivated and without any requests or suggestions i get overwhelmed trying to decide what to do. The thing is its not like I don’t want to do it, its the fact that I want to do a lot more but end up having to settle for or work out free alternatives (note how none of my Android reviews are for paid apps). However don’t take this as me begging (i hate the idea), I just want to discuss my current thoughts relating to blog and channel.

First thing is despite how different my blog and channel are i want to find a way to ‘connect’ the two together. The idea being if i could get people from YouTube to check my blog and vice versa even someone that doesn’t get many views on either could see an improvement. Only problem is this would mean doing both a video and a blog post on the same game and since my channel is currently stuck with GodMode videos of NES games that highly limits what i could do.

However i did prove that low quality lets plays are possible via my Amazon Fire tablet which even has a shitty webcam. The problem with this being not only the quality though but the insane amount of time it takes from getting the games, setting up the emulator, setting up the controller, getting the recording ready, recording,  compressing the recording, fixing any problems and finally uploading (and yes it takes forever). This isn’t even mentioning the fact that unless their is something unique in the lets play its totally pointless.

Something else i can do on my channel is V-Logs, by turning a Windows Phone I was given on its back on a stand which is literally just a tablet case sitting on top of a stack of 3 videotapes. Not only am I a total newbie at this kind of content but i don’t even know what to talk about and i don’t know if i should be adding music or something in the background like other people do. I actually wanted to do Anime Episode Discussions but i decided to test it on here instead.

And talking about testing, my blog is the place where I try experimenting the most. Nothing I do is just to get views or watchers though, I genuinely wanted to add it to my blog but without any feedback or motivation i tend to delete them and give up. I haven’t actually watched a single episode of an episode since the Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 1 Discussion post because i don’t know whether or not its worth making another one. Then there’s posts I did randomly that didn’t go anywhere that I’d easily pick back up if I had the chance too. Off the top of my head i had a post full of pictures of plants/flowers i took, a review of a bag of chews, a post pointing out a terrible ‘dev’ on Google Play and at one point I even uploaded the prologue of a story i was trying to write.

To me getting no feedback is the same as it being no good and if its no good then its not worth doing. People tell you to write and create for yourself but that makes no sense, why would i need to tell myself my own opinions. I do this because i want to know other people’s, I want to discuss stuff or at least get comments now and then even if its just self advertising your own review of a game I reviewed or something its better than the entire site being empty (I’m lucky to get a comment per month across the entire blog).

Really though all I’m doing is complaining, this blog will never be unique and it will never be as good as some (or most) of the other blogs out there. I should be using the time i made this to write something else or at least plan the next GodMode (cheats) video but i think i just needed to put this somewhere. Perhaps the fact that 2 YouTubers i know have been burned out lately reminded me that I am too but hopefully its just temporary.

Sorry to anyone that actually does read a lot of my stuff (if any) and I will try to get back into writing soon. I don’t want to waste any time.


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