The Goonies II (NES) Retro Review

The Goonies II is a 1987 adventure game for the NES developed and published by Konami. It is a sequel to the previous Goonies game which was released on Famicom and only saw a release outside of Japan via an unofficial arcade port for the Vs. System. A lot of people assumed it was based on a movie sequel which hasn’t  been made (and probably never will).

Goonies II, The (U) [!]-0

The title screen is practically the same as the other except unlike thother it has a small ‘cutscene’ with the evil guy saying they kidnapped Annie as revenge for the Goonies putting them in jail. The gameplay seems to be quite different though with a lot of small changes and something entirely new that wasn’t in the first game.

Goonies II, The (U) [!]-1

Getting into the gameplay the improvements were easy to see, the music i first heard seemed to be a reworked version of the one in the first game and equipped items were easier to see as well as a much nicer looking energy bar (which is also upgrade-able). They even removed the arcade like feeling of the first game by removing the timer, score and stages while instead having one huge map (which you can look at by pressing start).

That was only the start of the improvements though since your first weapon already had far more range than the awkward kick from before although despite the lack of bombs which caused you to insta-kill yourself there is now a lot more holes to your death practically everywhere. The game is also far more like a maze than the last one as well although in this case its not as annoying as before, after all there’s no rush and enemies have a small chance of dropping health. I do have to admit i got lost for quite some time though and with unlimited retries (extremely generous for a NES game) you can essentially play forever.

Goonies II, The (U) [!]-2

The newest addition to the game was the small rooms you end up in when you go through a door. The perspective is changed to a ‘3D’ perspective while giving you various options of what to do, its possible to find items in the rooms as well as objects you need tools for which changes up the gameplay but is ultimately not that special. In fact i found it quite annoying when i realized i had no idea what i needed to do.

Although after a quick glance at a faq i realized that merely forgetting the first doors is enough to get you lost. The thing that i had found was a safe and i hadn’t even picked up the key holder so i could get a key to unlock it (which you get from enemies this time). Strangely enough items seem to just be laying on the floor in rooms while safes only ever gave me information.

Overall its a major improvement on the first game and worth at least giving it a try (unless you don’t like these kinds of games). Remember you can tell me what you thought of this game or what i should review next in the comments.


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