The Enchanted Cave 2 (Flash) Review

The Enchanted Cave 2 is a 2015 flash dungeon crawler by Dustin Auxier where the player enters a strange continuously changing cave in search for treasures. The game also boasts secret areas, a huge skill tree and other stuff you usually see in RPG games. Note there is a premium version on Mobile and steam for £2.40 but i can’t currently buy it (perhaps i’ll explain in another post).

Enchanted Cave 2 1

While you can’t tell just looking at the picture the title screen is one of the types i like where pressing Start (or in my case continue since i’ve been playing it for quite a bit) will cause the character to immediately walk out the nearby inn. It might not really be much but it definitely beats the really generic menu’s some games have that are followed by loading screens.

Note the area seen in the screenshot is sort of pointless other than the museum where you store spare artifacts (I’ll explain in a bit), talking to people and a shady guy that sells you a really strong item (once he appears but he stops after a while).

As for in game options there is the usual volume sliders, exit to title, save game (useful) and quit run as well as some others with are Smooth filter (see comparison screenshot below), stairs confirm and battle speed. I never really got why the latter two were there since having to confirm to go down the stairs was actually annoying and the walking speed is already slow so there was no way i wanted to slow down battling too. Both graphics and music are pretty decent.

Enchanted Cave 2 2

Actually getting into game play (and ignoring the horrible walking speed) i found it pretty easy to get used to and the fact you could click where you wanted to go as well as use the keyboard was quite nice too. Battles are automatic with no real player input other than clicking on the tile of what you want to fight and using the hotkeys to quickly heal yourself. This of course would put a lot of people off playing this type of game as the only real changes are the enemies and the background as well as some bosses every 25 floors (which can all be viewed in a very awkwardly made ‘bestiary’).

What makes the game good is the mechanics and also how they tie into the story (you can find pages of a necromancers diary in secret rooms). One of the main things about the game is when you start going in the dungeon is any equipment that doesn’t have a yellow background is considering ‘junk’ and can’t actually be taken out of the cave with you, what you need to find are special equipment called artifacts although you can later get a super useful spell called transmute that lets you turn anything yellow (although the museum i mentioned before is for storing 1 of each actual artifacts). On top of junk being useless you can’t actually leave until you find an item called ‘Escape Wings’ which is relatively easy to be honest but provides a good reason not to go in and exit immediately or something.

Luckily there is seemingly no limit on how much you can stockpile while in the cave, you can transmute literally anything and there is a shop every ten floors (excluding floor 50 and 80 which are the 2nd and last bosses). Although shops are only useful to sell stuff you don’t need and get potions.

Enchanted Cave 2 3

As for stats there are multiple ways to make yourself much stronger, the most obvious way is to level up which gives you a choice of a small stat boost of your choice and 3 skill points which can be used on the skill tree seen above although it is almost too obvious what is worth actually going for (note magic makes stuff like heal more effective). There are also stat gems that you can find that give you small boosts to your stats including a rare type that lets you choose what you get similar to leveling up.

Enchanted Cave 2 4

Then there’s the equipment and the super useful crafting/enchantment screen. Crafting and Enchantment are basically the same thing except to enchant things you need to be at a forge which are on every shop floor and sometimes randomly on others. Enchantment lets you pick 2 items (from the crafting tab) and add the effects to your equipment’s 2 slots which costs 15mp per item, as you can see in the screenshot i am using the item known as fractal cabbage to replace the Merchant Vests 2nd ‘property’ with another 2+ mp Regen. Crafting is even easier though, basically throw 2 crafting ingredients together without any equipment and you can make free temporary boost potions whenever and wherever you want.

As for the temporary potions and Regen it uses a per battle system which may not sound like much at first but get it high enough and you have a chance to last a long time. Hp regen is quite pointless as soon as you can get MP regen though which is a tiny bit disappointing, after all if you managed to get enough properties on equipment for +20 hp per battle it would be nothing in comparison to +20mp which would let you use the heal spell after every battle instead. Its seriously needed though as the game isn’t exactly hard but the difficulty does spike and does take a long time to complete, plus there’s actually a stat for minimum runs needed to win with the idea being the faster you beat the necromancer the less people will go missing.

Overall its quite a good game and i could probably recommend the paid version as well considering its got more content although I’d advise trying this version first. Sorry if the review turned out like a mess, how i do things doesn’t work very well with RPG’s but i hope you liked reading this anyway.


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