The Goonies (Famicom) Review

The Goonies is a 1986 platform game based for the Famicom on the movie of the same name developed and published by Konami. I wanted to actually play the VS system version that was released outside of Japan but sadly the emulator couldn’t read it properly and the palette got corrupted (even though there is an insert coin button in the emulator).

Goonies, The (J) [!]-0.png

From the title screen and the almost immediately appearing demo play it didn’t seem like the version would matter anyway, everything was already in english including the copyright/trademark text. It really did confuse me since this means there wasn’t really anything stopping it from getting an official release outside Japan.

Goonies, The (J) [!]-1.png

Getting into the game i noted that while the graphics and music were alright the gameplay seemed a bit weird and i didn’t really know what i was doing either. I only really knew it had something to do with destroying doors with skulls on them with bombs you get from kicking mice in order to get 3 keys and save a kid which lets you unlock the gate go to the next stage. I didn’t really get what any of the items i got actually did (although thats my fault for never reading instructions) and only being able to have one bomb at a time was a little annoying and so was the fact you couldn’t fall off ladders (kind of like stairs in Castlevania i guess) however the fact there is no fall damage was good. What was truly annoying though was the fact that you’re own bombs instantly kill you no matter how much health you have.

Goonies, The (J) [!]-3.png

It definitely got complicated fast with the inclusion of doors and ladders that lead to different screens and while i personally am not a fan of maze type games it wasn’t bad. There was nothing confusing about it and I don’t recall ever running out of time either. Although i did run into another thing that bugged me, collecting enough gems is kinda simple to do but only rewards you by refilling your health which is kind of pointless unless you were dying. It didn’t seem like you could earn a life in any way which was a bit disappointing although. At ;east if you were lucky you could get your hands on a temporary slingshot behind one of the doors which is super useful since its basically a gun although none of it stopped me from being kind of terrible at the game.

Overall i enjoyed it enough to recommend although like i said above i am not personally a fan of these types of games and there was also the few problems there was as well. If you’re interested the best score i got was a probably low 28,630. Feel free to tell me down in the comments what you think about this game and maybe even what score you got.


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