Miitomo (Android) Review

Miitomo is a free to start android app created by Nintendo where you and your friends create a Mii character and then are asked questions by you and the other Mii’s. It also boasts various clothing for your mii, a minigame called miitomo drop which gets you items and a photo feature.


Before you can create a Mii you first link a Nintendo Account (or not) and wait for the rest of the app to download which i expected considering the apps initial 32mb. As someone without a newer console i had to create an account and i was surprised you couldn’t do it inside the app itself.

Then when you get to creating the Mii you can use your camera or make one from scratch. However it felt that unless you had a decent camera you’d either have to use a photo or make it yourself as you’ll get random faces suggested otherwise. In fact i can’t say the photo i used turned out that well but you’re given the chance to fix it. Not that i cared though, i only wanted it looking like me because its a social app since i usually create different characters.

You also have to adjust some traits about the Mii and the way it speaks which reminds me of a 3DS game i saw someone play but i wasn’t that bothered to make too many adjustments. I wanted to get into the main part already.


Finally getting into the main app I noticed the graphics were alright and so was the sound considering its a very adjustable form of text to speech. This obviously meant the main gimmick of the app aka getting questions was far better than merely text.

In fact there seemed to be a lot more to the app than i expected. Questions are easy to answer and answers are easy to find ( both yours and your friends). On top of this its also easy to get friends thanks to being able to link to Twitter or Facebook. However you obviously won’t find anyone unless they’ve linked their Nintendo account to either of the two themselves. On top of this your Mii will visit your friends and theirs will visit with both questions for you and answers they’ve said which is quite interesting. You get notifications whenever people comment on your and your ‘friends’ answers and i noticed a glitch where you can click on an answer with 4 answers in the notifications then go back to find it actually had more but didn’t update properly.

There were also missions that got you coins which you could use to buy clothes or try one of the Miitomo drops which instead of being entirely random actually had a list so you could choose what you’re trying to get. You did have to wonder how long it would take to get the coins although you’re given an easy 5000 just by linkin the Nintendo Account. You even got a Mario hat if you played on the first day and the rest of the costume was redeemable by completing so many missions.


Miitomo drop was both what i assumed it would be and a surprise at the same time. It was a good surprise though with you dropping not only your mii but a different one every attempt which stay for a while as you keep trying. Because you have to stop on the items to get them this makes the higher up ones harder to get and while some people may complain i think this is good difficulty for a social app that you’re expected to use alot.


Lastly i obviously had to check out MiiFoto and take a picture. Its actually quite amusing despite its simplicity, just choose some animations and a background (which can be a photo you took) as well as adding text/stamps before pressing the photo button. After that you can get the mii in the picture, look at it’s clothes and even share the image on social media. You can supposedly have up to 5 miis in one picture too whch is cool. Its a nice extra to have.


Update: When i carried on using the app i realised that you could actually visit your friends room manually by clicking on them. While i had already been thinking about it this made me really want furniture, after all Miitomo drop claims to get you items but its ultimately just clothes. Sadly the app is already quite big and a battery drainer for some people so i don’t see it happening. I really want the master sword or something mounted on the wall though. More types of mini game would be cool too other than just Miitomo drop. Other things I’d like to see would be bigger rooms with the ability to have more than one friends mii around.

Update 2: The amount of data this app uses is truly concerning. At the moment it sits at a whopping 700mb and if any updates happen its bound to get higher. What annoys me about it is the fact it says you can move the app to an sd card but it only moves 40mb of it which is pointless. The fact I’ve had to delete apps to delete this is forcing me to contemplate deleting the app even though i am enjoying a lot there’s also a lot of people claiming its a battery drainer and while it doesn’t do much to my tablet and there is a power saving mode i assume its because of its always online nature and huge size.

Overall it seems good and seeing what people think is amusing plus Miifoto is awesome. Sadly this is all let down by the huge amount of data it uses. I doubt there’ll be any big updates unless they fix what they have now.

If you follow me on Twitter you can find me in the app by connecting it to your Twitter which will list everyone that’s also done that.


2 thoughts on “Miitomo (Android) Review

  1. I’ve just downloaded it and will be giving it a whirl tonight! It looks like a bit of silly fun, which is always welcome. I do hope Nintendo try some more game related apps in future as that would be awesome.


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