Sand! (Android) Review

Sand is an Android game created by Single Cell Software based on the original falling sands game. It boasts 19 elements to play around with plus an extra 8 for the premium version.


The game doesn’t have a title but instead goes straight to the tutorial which teaches you what all the elements do as well as kind of annoyingly asking if you want the premium version (before you’ve even tried the game). It did look like it would be good though ( i have played the game this was based on before).


Playing around with the elements was quite cool but i couldn’t really think of anything cool i could do. I really just ended up messing about with the emitters as you can see above but there was one thing that bugged me. The only lava proof element aka metal was one of the premium ones and it felt like you couldn’t do much without it. Although if you want to do drawings there is a use stop button (the one between the • and the ?) which stopped things completely letting you put stuff down without setting things off. For that reason i still found it enjoyable despite feeling like stuff was missing, perhaps I’ll review the paid version one day.

Overall a very simple time waster that’s worth trying once although if you’ve played the original falling sands game you might just get bored.


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