Make It Rain: Love of Money (Android) Review

Make It Rain: Love of Money is a clicker type game by Space Inch where you get as much money as possible although this one seems to be themed around greed from what you see in the screenshots with ‘Political Investments’. It did seem interesting though.

You can actually change the note type and get better things to hold your money with.

Like a surprising amount of clicker games it doesn’t seem to have a title screen but instead goes straight to the game. Something quite unique though was the fact you actually swiped the money instead of tapped like most other mobile games like this. However the ad stuff was annoying and they snuck a macro-transaction at the top of one of the menus.


It still seemed well presented and on top of the 3 upgrade menus ( one specifically for offline money) there was also missions you could do. The game actually seemed like something i might keep, however it suddenly started to spam video ads and as someone than can’t pay to remove them it almost killed my original opinion of the game. Although you can remove the ads for £0.59 which is a reasonable price.


Surprisingly though the ‘Political Investments’ (aka offline money per second) made me almost go back to my original opinion. The reason was that the game was really generous while you are not playing it and increasing the capacity costs less than what you’d ultimately get out of it. You could essentially play the game by frequently ignoring it and you’d actually have a nice surprise when you load it back up. Sadly not having to play the game much doesn’t sound like themason to recommend actually playing it.

Overall its an ok game although you’ll end up getting sick of ads and either paying £0.59 to get rid of them (good way) or just turning off Wifi via Aeroplane Mode (poor/cheapskate way).


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