Giant Boulder of Death (Android) Review

Giant Boulder of Death is an arcade game for Android by Adult Swim Games where you roll a huge boulder trying to destroy absolutely everything you possibly can. I actually downloaded it merely because of its name but looking at the page did interest me more.


The micro cut scene before the start was definitely unexpected and weird but at least it tells you why you’re trying to crush people. Like alot of games it goes straight into teaching you what to do but i instead checked the menus. As you’d expect by a game where you are a boulder you can control it with tilt controls but you can also choose between 2 varieties of tap controls as well as tilt is non existent on an Amazon Fire. There was also graphics options but i didn’t really notice a difference when set to max, it was good from the start though.


As for gameplay i found the joystick type controls worked best and allowed me to get used to it far quicker. It is also a bit different than I thought it would be since you don’t actually start with all the objects but actually slowly unlock them by completing goals extending the gameplay in a seemingly fair way. Other stuff i liked was how the broken parts of the boulder would still destroy some stuff for last second points and obviously the Invinciboulder which is an awesome temporary powerup that lets you mow down everything.


On top of that there was a few unlockable boulders/themes which not only had their own stats but even had their own theme with different music and skins for all of the stuff you can destroy as well as more goals to complete. This also includes a £3 Metal theme which comes with a boulder with the potential of 7 on all 3 stats. Luckily the upgrades for the spinners (can get you upgrades before each roll) are shared between all boulders. While i couldn’t personally see it being worth £3 i could definitely see someone buying it, it probably removes the ads too which while don’t feel like spam at all.

Overall its quite an enjoyable game that i recommend giving a try. Just remember to check out the different controls.


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