Zen Koi (Android) Review

Zen Koi is a casual Android game created by LandShark Games where you look after a Koi “from an egg into a Dragon”. It boasts of 300+ Koi color varieties as well as breeding and even ability points. They didn’t really give any indication of the main gameplay though on the store page.


Nice title screen which goes straight into the tutorial. Ignoring gamplay i decided I’d check the menus first. They looked interesting with the obvious collection as well as dragons you had gotten. As for settings you could toggle music and sound as well link the game to Google Play/Facebook. Sadly though the game kept crashing for no reason when trying to exit some of the menus.


As for gameplay it is actually quite relaxing and both the graphics and music are very nice. You simply hold where you want to go and eat fish which makes you level up but you also use fish to craft gems and expand the pond. I’d actually be ok if it just stayed like that but i doubt its that simple if you want to ‘win’. However considering breeding is as easy as swimming alongside another koi for a bit it might actually be. You do however have to activate all the symbols and extend the pond with each Koi though, might sound annoying at first but the symbols are something to do with becoming a dragon and the Koi becomes one as soon as you activate all of them.

I named the Koi Darts because he was fast but couldn't turn well.

While the collections of both koi and dragons were basically just the same picture with different colors and patterns but you could see why some people would keep playing anyway. Its truly relaxing amd tpou can play for quite some time too. On top of that you can actually find pearls without paying which can be used for nice things like cloning Koi you’ve owned before, extra slots and even special collectors Koi.

Overall its quite a nice game. I don’t think I’ll be one of the people trying to complete a collection but i can still recommend giving it a try.

If you are interested here’s the link to the Google Play store: Zen Koi


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