Survive! Mola mola (Android) Review

Survive! Mola mola is an casual Android game by Select Button Inc where you keep a fish called a Sunfish alive by flicking the fish around it to eat them as well as being really careful in order to grow to the largest class (2.5T).


When loading up the game i found the tagline both amusing and quite scary too, it gives a good idea of how the hard the game might be before even seeing the gameplay. You also get some text with information on just how easy they die before getting into gameplay.


Gameplay starts off seemingly simple with with just tapping on the small things to eat them but ultimately gets more complicated. It worked in a way where dying was how you got upgrades, you’d get points to get more food and more adventures. Said adventures were essentially a gamble which could instantly kill your fish but its actually a good thing to get killed so you can fill up the collection. Graphics were decent and music seemed alright although the use of what seemed like a SNES controller really bugged me.


A few things I didn’t like was the microtransactions, you couldn’t help feel like MP was slowed down and costs of ‘skills’ were spiked in order to try getting you to pay. In fact the Recommend button is actually one of the “Install app and do this to earn barely anything” sections that you see sometimes.

Overall its an ok game and perhaps its worth a try if you get enjoy this sort of game. Just know it would take a very long time to win.


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