Blobfish Evolution (Android) Review

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Blobfish Evolution is an android clicker/evolution game created by Upstart Illustration LLC which has you controls a blobfish consuming others and evolving/mutating. It boasts having different movement compared to the basic clicker style of other evolution games as well as a quote by Pewdiepie on the store page.

The game doesn’t actually have a title screen or menu of any kind so it was straight into the gameplay and absorbing the other blobfish. Music seems quite good and controls are obviously simple being holding to move around and tapping on the other blobfish to attack them. Sadly you have to wait for blobfish to spawn in and it tries to get you to do things like share on Facebook or looking at ads so its a definite time-waster.


I have to admit the more you play the weirder it gets and the descriptions are quite amusing. However that is really all the game is, it’s the type where you could watch other people play it and feel like you have yourself. However if its you’re first time its actually really interesting what happens and the kinda lengthy ‘gameplay’ (you can get fish much faster by alternating between the fish menu and the first ad really fast) even changes at some point getting weirder and weirder until you eventually ‘win’. I did get bored at one point though, at later levels it gets to the point where it’ll take a long time either way.

Overall though its a nice little timewaster for those that haven’t already seen it that surprisingly has its own little story. I’d give it a try since its free but you may get bored and you won’t finish it for quite a while.

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