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10 billion wives is a clicker game for android created by Masukachi Inc where you get as many wives as possible. It follows the usual clicker style of get as many of something as you can but i did find the idea amusing.

The game doesn’t actually have a logo screen and goes straight to the game which is a bad sign usually but to be fair not all clicker games look that hard to make. It looked like it would be quite easy and i assumed the top would slowly fill with ‘wives’. The advert was small enough to ignore but the ‘Share/Watch to get’ really bugged me, I’m not a big fan of that in games since it can give the impression the game was made harder on purpose so people would used them.

The game seemed unbelievably easy with the first load of wives being able to be bought one after the other and a few times where i skipped a wife entirely. Seemed simple enough and no fake length but the game lagged quite early on before I’d even got most of them. Considering how fast i was going i thought to myself if this one might actually be ‘winnable’.


It obviously did get a lot harder after a while but it still didn’t feel overly difficult especially since clicker games can just be left on the while you do other things like making lunch or going out somewhere. On top of the upgrades you can get for LPT (Love per tap) you can also get a boost by getting the achievements although I’m sure it never tells you that in game and just assumes you’ll check it out.

Not much to the game at all but I realised it does indeed have a small gimmick of ‘secret artwork’ by getting each wife to Level 120 and getting all achievements. Said artwork is just a nice little picture of each wife but i have a feeling a few people would be disappointed, plus there’s the fact those images could be seen as the only reason to play the game.

Overall its ok but not really something good enough to recommend. I don’t think that opinion will change either.


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