Puzzle & Glory (Android) Review

Puzzle & Glory is a match 3 game created by Demiurge and published by Sega for Android which boasts RPG elements like recruiting a team of heroes. I decided to review it since it had interested me all the way back when i had a shitty tablet that could barely play anything.


It had quite a nice loading screen if you ignore the fact they decided to make her blink which is a tiny bit creepy when it everything else is static. I found it strange that it said ‘Preview Edition’ for a little while because I’m sure it isn’t. There also wasn’t any music.

While playing the tutorial which like usual you are forced into the gameplay seemed okay, i you could click gems to get descriptions so it kinda proves there’s probably a variety but it still can get annoying.

What makes this different from a plain match 3 game is you get 1-3 heroes which attack by matching gems as well as having their own preferred color(s) and skill. Monsters attack after a while and there are even powerful monsters and other ‘heroes’ that can actually match gems as well although it was an insane difficulty spike when going against the first one and i would of been destroyed if not for the healer.


It was incredibly fast to show the signs seen in all free to play games but this was far worse. It wasn’t that it had both a premium currency and a timer since a lot of other games do but the fact the game only had macro-transactions ranging from a minimum of £4.01 all the way to about £80 which is just disgusting. I knew i was looking for how long you could play without paying though and carried on.

Skills in battle become necessary very fast and so do stronger heroes which sort of makes the limited card slots really annoying even if its yet another common free to play tactic. Upgrading cards looked like it would eventually become a pain in the ass too.

Too lazy to replace with better screenshot.

However to my surprise you could play for quite a while especially since when i finally ran out of ‘supplies’ i had a refill which took me straight back to 100. Adventures did get a bit repetitive though after a while although it didn’t get boring and at no point did i feel the need to pay money, heroes obviously level up normally too so ‘Training’ was more of an extra to get better skills. Also a new type of gem did turn up like i thought it would.

The strangest thing about the game though was how you seemed to be thrown into a party yet it was as if i was playing on my own anyway other than a counter which added everyone’s shield looking things together.

One more annoying thing before i wrap up the review is the fact to backup your save you need to login via Facebook and while a lot of free to play are from there it would of made more sense to tie the account/save to Google instead. Its ultimately just the usual excuse to get you to spam Facebook with stuff to try getting other people playing. There’s also a lot of notifications.

Overall its a pretty decent match 3 type and i could even recommend giving it a try. I don’t know if its good for playing for a long time as some free to play games fail at that but it’ll be fine for at least a week.


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