Shape Fitter (Android) Review

Shape Fitter (in the store as Shape Fitter puzzle) is an android game created by Metka Games where you put together various pieces into a shape by putting them into a certain combination (and also rotating them). I reviewed this on behalf of Metka Games themselves (@metkagames on twitter) but know there is obviously no bias.


Loading the game up i was a bit worried with how the menu looked, to me there was way too much empty space and the background and buttons don’t seem to match that well in my opinion. Perhaps it would look better with bigger buttons as well as having a close and share button as part of the list instead of awkward looking at the sides.


Getting into the gameplay i was quite surprised by the utter lack of sound, i legitly thought i had the volume off or something had broken. I’m pretty sure you can get download free to use sound effects from somewhere so this wasn’t excusable. This coupled with the strangely shaded blocks made it hard to enjoy.


I actually got through the free levels quite fast and yes, while this game is free it has micro-transactions in the form of level packs. While i can’t hate on someone trying to make money and there is a daily puzzle the packs ultimately don’t feel worth buying. Its especially off putting when you consider the 61p (70 puzzle) Classic 2 pack is described as “more levels from the first level pack ever”. At the end i merely finished the free levels out of respect and while a few took some thinking the above problems had taken all the fun out of it.

Overall i cannot recommend it in its current state (which looks permanent since the apps already over a year old). I’d love to say it had potential but it didn’t.


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