Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector (Android) Review

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is a casual android game created by Hit-Point Co. where you place food and items down in a garden in order to attract various cats so you can fill up your cat book and even create personal albums.


Other than the incredibly short loading screen the game goes straight to the garden and the tutorial, graphics aren’t mind blowing but it helps keep the file size small and the music seemed ok. The idea of the game seemed quite simple too, put some stuff down before leaving and check back later to see if you have some cats.


Despite not really doing anything i could tell why people would get addicted. It had the same sort of relaxing atmosphere that Animal Crossing had at times. The pictures aren’t exactly special but you couldn’t help but take them anyway and even changing every cats name as well (eg. I named the black cat Kuro). At first i assumed gold fish would be a near impossible to attain premium currency but not only can you get it incredibly slowly by doing the daily password, you’ll get some after you leave the game for a while via gifts  as well as exchanging normal fish (500 for 10 gold). This means nothing is hidden behind a paywall as long as you play it daily for awhile (aka why people get addicted).


One thing that probably pulls people in is how you’ll get darkened entries in the cat book (and gifts) of cats you haven’t even seen yourself (Sort of like the Pokedex in Pokemon when you’ve battled a Pokémon but not captured it). That and the fact you choose names and what picture is used in each cat book entry makes you at least a tiny bit attached to them even if they don’t do much and are honestly quite generic. I definitely can say i won’t get addicted like some people though.

Overall its a pretty ok ‘game’ to relax a few minutes (per session) per day, perhaps you’ll only keep the app until the cat book is filled, you’ve bought everything or perhaps you’ll just keep going. Either way its worth a try.


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