Burger (Android) Review

Burger is a cooking Android game created by Magma Mobile where you are hired at a chain of fast food restaurants to cook burgers (as you could guess) as well as a few other things. It boasts having both a Career Mode where levels slowly get harder as well as a time attack mode. I was highly interested when told to review this by Mog Anarchy (@MogAnarchy) of twitter because of its generic name.


From the title/menu screen you could tell that the game definitely wasn’t going to blow me away graphically and the music was alright although it still looked nice and had no noticeable problems (i did wonder whether magma mobile was Japanese or not or if they simply chose to have that maid there). Guess i had to hope the gameplay was as good as the store reviews claim.


Getting into career mode the game turned out to be a sort of clicking game where you quickly choose ingredients as the picture said as well as any sides wanted with higher levels giving you more ingredients and more complex orders. I admit that despite its simplicity i did get into it although considering burger combinations were randomized it was a tiny bit off putting when you’re told to do things like just ketchup in a bun or a piece of cabbage (?) surrounded by ketchup. If i had to purposely find a problem its that i would of liked it if it was a bit more animated considering the app has 50 million downloads and must of made the developers at least a bit of burgers.

Time attack is where you go as fast as you can within a minute although all the ingredients are unlocked and you’re asked to do some insane looking burgers (only normal big one i got was a double bacon burger). Good if you can’t be bothered to go through all the career levels or if you’re the sort of person that practices by trying the hardest thing first.


Before i finished writing the review i had to try out the burger creator too although i didn’t put any effort into making normal burgers at all. Sadly you are only allowed a certain number of ingredients but just using burgers does give the hilariously tall (and extremely unhealthy) thing you see in the screenshot. There’s also a button to take a picture but i couldn’t be bothered.

Overall its a surprisingly enjoyable game, nothing mind blowing about it and could use some improvements but I’d recommend it if you’re bored.


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