Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation (Android) Review

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation is a Free-to-Play card game for Android created by Konami Digital Entertainment based on the Manga/Anime series of the same name. The game boasts a campaign mode and unlimited free play according to its description but it really depends on how good the game is (its 624mb to download). I chose to review this as i used to love card games on GBA (including DuelMasters).


Loading up the game the graphics seemed alright and the music wasn’t bad. Making an account was also quite easy and it was also quite quick to show free to play elements (aka points) although nothing immediately jumped out as bad although pay to win via ‘premium’ cards was obviously going to be there. The How to Play section was also quite helpful although i assume most people don’t use it. I also couldn’t help but think that the app was made made for bigger screens despite mine being an ok 7″ 1024×600 display.


Getting into the first duel i once again felt that the game wasn’t geared towards smaller screens although thanks to the description on the left it didn’t really matter. The game was actually quite easy to get into and while the deck you’re given isn’t anything special it is a nice thing to start with although people that have played the game might realise how it seems to focus on defense. Like other games you’ll ultimately have to grind if you want to use your own decks/strategies but points are seemingly given out nicely (even if you’ll never get ‘premium’ cards). During the first match i managed to pull of the new summon types with the white and black framed cards although i actually didn’t know there was a thing called an extra deck.


Playing a bit longer i found that trap cards that can be activated any time causes you to be spammed with messages asking you if you want to use it which got incredibly annoying especially since the card in question had great strategic value. It also liked to desynch the save files alot even while connected to the internet although its takes seconds to fix and can be played offline too. The fact there was no price drop between a single booster pack and getting 10 at once on top of the fact they could of given you the chance to get good cards (just made it ‘expensive’ instead of real life expensive).

I actually quite enjoyed myself, would of played longer if i didn’t accidentally make my deck invalid for playing campaign levels because the game gives absolutely no warning when editing the deck or even tells you what you’ve done leaving you confused. Not to mention the deck editing screen was already a bit annoying and there’s no indication you have the necessary cards to use fusion monsters when you check it (would be useful). A very disappointing end to the long review session.

Overall i quite enjoyed this game and thanks to unlimited play i feel like I can recommend it to other people for its Campaign but I’d personally stay away from multiplayer. Also don’t blame me if you’re unlucky (Believe in the heart of the cards lol). If you want to download it here’s the store link: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Generation


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