McVitie’s iKitten (Android) Review

McVitie’s iKitten is an Android app created by Grey London and published by United Biscuits. Its a small app where you ‘play’ with (Read: Look at) a small grey kitten as seen in the recent McVitie’s adverts.


From what seems to be a title screen of sorts there was no music ad the kitten isn’t very detailed. Although considering this is a free app that’s merely part of an ad campaign i thought I’d let it off a bit.


Getting into the app there was some noticeable problems before i even checked out what you could do, when on its back the cats sound effects loop and it gets annoying very fast. On top of that its really just a list of tiny animations the cat can do and it wears off almost instantly even with the amusing hats.


The camera feature was nice as well as the ability to put the kitten in real life using a marker although the McVitie’s sweeet™ logo gets in the game way of the picture. I also managed to make the cat sound effects permanent which almost drove me crazy. Also hats had a strangely limited amount of colours.

To improve this app i believe than menu’s need to be made nicer looking (remove the logo when unneeded) and focus on letting the user interact with the cat instead of just watching one move (a ball of yarn for example).Other things would be to increase colors for hats (or just have a color picker) and maybe even add alternate colors for the kitten itself.

Overall i cannot recommend the app, just because it’s just a free app for an ad campaign doesn’t excuse the problems it has and the lack of content either. Hopefully this is just the first version and it won’t end up like alot of apps on the store.


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