Legend of Zelda (NES) Retro Review

Legend of Zelda is a 1987 top down action adventure game for the NES developed and published by Nintendo. It stars Link on his quest to save the titular Princess Zelda from the evil Ganon by collecting the 8 fragments of the triforce of wisdom.


Title screen is quite nice and the music is pretty decent, there is also a bit of story if you leave it for  little while. What i didn’t really like though was how it also shows you every possible item in the game if you leave it a little bit longer. To me that sort of defeats the point of it, its also the sort of thing that gives bad gamers an excuse when they keep losing. The selection screen was quite nice though, it works in a way where you can name all 3 save slots at once without having to actually choose them (something quite alot of games don’t do)


Getting into the gameplay you are seemingly thrown into the middle of nowhere and actually have to go into a nearby cave in order to get yourself a sword. Graphics seemed alright with nothing that jumped out although i still liked the music though. Controls were incredibly easy to get used to as well as how to get and use items (like bombs). I did find it a bit strange how the game rewards you for having full life with what is essentially a sword laser, it might seem awesome but getting even the tiniest bit dependant on it screws you over the second you get hit. Although the fact enemies can drop hearts and the shield can block the Octorocks (?) projectiles its actually more fair than it seems.


One thing I did realise after a while is how easy it was to get lost however instead of being annoying to me it made me realise that perhaps being shown what items are in the game wasn’t actually that bad. Not to mention all dying does is put you back where you started the game but with the items you had. Dungeon layouts were OK, although there seemed to be a glitch where i left a dungeon and went back in which caused the locked door to mysteriously be open without needing a key. There wasn’t really anything secret inside dungeons which was a little bit disappointing but i still found it ok, bosses were alright too even if bombs are insanely useful.

Overall its still quite an enjoyable game, perhaps not as much as when it was first released and having to search for things is probably annoying to some people but I’d still recommend it.


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