Tomorrowland: A World Beyond (Movie) Review

Tomorrowland: A World Beyond is a 2015 Disney sci-fi directed by Brad Bird where a teenage girl Casey gets a glimpse of a futuristic utopia from a mysterious pin who then tracks down a reclusive inventor that lived there and is convinced the world will end. Truthfully another movie i’m watching because I’m bored.

The way the movie starts was a bit interesting with both Casey and Frank, the inventor, already having met up and you actually get to see a flashback of him as a child. The fact there was a girl with a name like Athena was a bit of a giveaway before she even did anything but its better than a generic name. You also get a first glimpse of the pin (aka badge) and the future which was quite interest (for family film standards). Then you get to properly meet Casey who also seems to like technology (seemingly an inventor too). Although the magic pin “See the future” stuff looked way more like fantasy than Sci-fi. The Future did seem interesting although it was really just an over the top portrayal of what already exists, still nice though.

The movie takes a long time to get into any action although it was amusing even if nothing really happens after that other than more buildup. In fact it takes over 50 minutes to meet Frank again and the movie starts to get interesting especially the part with the percentages and the scene almost immediately afterwards. I have to say the characters are quite interesting although obviously some people will find them kind of generic. There were alot of nice surprises throughout the whole thing even if once again it there were things that seemed incredibly dumb even for a sci-fi film.

The movie ended quite nicely for a family film, after watching it I can’t say I’d ever watch it again though. When thinking about what happened there wasn’t actually that much and Casey didn’t really show signs of being as smart as they kept saying, mostly just optimistic.

Overall an ok movie but probably not something to watch by yourself and definitely not something good enough for a re-watch.


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