Aargh! Monsters vs Robots (Windows Phone) Review

Aargh! Monsters vs. Robots is a action strategy game for Windows Phone (last updated 30th September 2014) developed and published by COOL GAME ARCADE FUN ACTION STRTGY SIM PUZZLE APPS (just looks like spam…). The overview is incredibly long with alot of information but to cut it short there was a world with monsters that had their own home before ‘The Maker’ arrived who had escaped from his planet before making robot companions that decide to multiply and go crazy.

The title screen is ok but there is no menu unless you count the awkwardly hard to press buttons on the side of the map screen. Music was ok but the game showed glitches immediately before i had even played anything like not even being able to enter a level. Of course there’s already microtransactions in the game though.

Getting into the game you are met with a horrible looking sight of poorly done graphics including an island that doesn’t even look textured. Music didn’t even sound that good either (plus at this point i was convinced it was just a bunch of random stuff from a free to use site). Controls are awkward even though it consists of merely pressing where you want the creatures to go and the gameplay just seems retarded. The aim of the tutorial level is to go around collecting bubbles for something called the Astro Maggot (its just a maggot that gets bigger as you give it bubbles until it leaves). Even attacking the robots and the buildings seems boring and the most satifying thing is wasting your time feeding the Astro Maggot when you don’t need to so it’ll hit the building by crashing into it (I actually found it really dumb looking so imagine what i think of the rest).

The game actually has a review button which you see on the level complete screen which makes me laugh, i doubt they were going to improve anything and they aren’t going to get anything positive from a reviewer. In fact I forced myself to play more levels but i couldn’t even finish the tutorials because  they split them up into their own seperate levels which dragged on for multiple reasons. Not to mention there’s quite a few ads so continuing would only get them more ad revenue for a bad game.

Overall this was something i found at random yet wish i didn’t find at all. Not that you could trust a ‘developer’ that has tag spam as their name.


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