The Legend of Kage (NES) Retro Review

The Legend of Kage (also known as Kage no Densetsu) is a 1987 action game for the NES developed by Taito and TOSE before being published by Taito. The player controls a Ninja known as Kage (Japanese for Shadow) who has been tasked with saving Princess Kirihime from the villains Yoshiro Yukikusa and Yukinosuke Kiri (Kiri, Yoshi and Yuki for short).


The title screen looks quite cool with the animated ninja and an ok looking logo although the lack of music was a bit dissapointing. Like most games the game uses a ‘Take Turns’ type of 2 player and therefore theres nothing to talk about.


Getting into the game the graphics looked alright but the music was actually quite annoying. Controls were easy to figure out but the gameplay made them seem quite useful. Firstly you could only throw shurikens in 4 directions and your sword attack looks incredibly dumb. On top of this you can’t move while jumping making it pretty much impossible to travel between trees because of how bad it is and there even seems to be invisibles walls/ceiling which stop in you in the middle of the jump. Thankfully theres no fall damage but you die in one hit anyway so its merely not as terrible as it could have been. There was also lightning in the background which was just annoying and probably an epilepsy hazard too.


I wasn’t even able to get past the first level because of the annoying problems and the fact i had no idea how to actually win the levels. I basically ran around killing people and attempting to climb trees without dying but nothing happened. There was no way i was going to keep trying more than 10 times for something that annoyed me so quickly so i gave up. I did not like this game at all.

Overall i cannot recommend this game as both the controls and the gameplay easily get on your nerves.


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