Elevator Action (NES) Retro Review

Elevator Action is a 1987 arcade game for the NES developed and published by Taito corporation. The player controls a spy that enters large buildings filled with elevators in order to secure secret documents while evading or defeating the enemy agents that pursue you.


The title/menu screen was quite cool, logo did seem a bit weird though and there was no music either.The game uses the take turns type of two player.


Getting into the gameplay i felt the graqphics weren’t very good at all and the music was ignorable. Controls were easy to figure out and it seemed a bit strange that you’d have infinite bullets but the gameplay itself had alot of problems. First of all your movement seemed a bit strange, crouching was a toggle and you couldn’t crawl plus your jump is some retarded looking jump kick thing.On top of that you needed to enter red doors on the right side and its so awkward to do at all times and literally impossible if its a door to the left of the escalator since up is used for both.


This didn’t mean it was a hard game just because there were problems though, in fact enemy agents were easy to deal with. It just took forever and felt repetitive before you even get to the second level. In other words i didn’t enjoy this game.

Overall its an interesting idea and the ability to break the lights in order to cause a temporary blackout was cool but everything else was either boring or poorly done. Because of this I cannot recommend it although i’m curious about the sequels.


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