Nuts & Milk (Famicom) Retro Review

Nuts & Milk is a 1983 platform game for the Famicom developed and published by Hudson Soft. The player controls a male blob called Milk who must collect fruit in order to find Yoghurt, his fiance, as well as rescue her from Nuts who is basically just another blob that fancies her. Note a NES version was never made despiteĀ most other versions (e.g. MSX) getting english releases.

Seeing the title/menu made you wonder why a NES version didn’t exist, I didn’t have an unofficial translation yet the (ok looking) logo and the options were in english (there was a tiny tune like most old games too). Like alot of old games B is just a harder version of A and 2 player is a disappointing “Take Turns” variety instead of letting Player 2 controls Nuts like i had hoped.

Getting into the game the graphics and music were passable for how old it was and the type of game. Controls were easy to work out with both A and B being jump although there were both nice and bad things about the gameplay. Nice thing was unlike other old games it didn’t kill you if you fell from high up but instead caused the player to be dazed which only needs the player to press jump again. The bad thing was the AI is a complete idiot and can be tricked into killing itself over and over again with little effort (sadly you don’t get any points), you do get points for purposely jumping over him though.

Something i found strange was how you could skip any level you want with select (useful for screenshots) which means its entirely possible to get a high score playing level 1 over and over again if you kept skipping through the other 49 levels. There are also bonus stages which seem quite simplistic although i couldn’t help but wonder if skipping straight to Yoghurt would get you more points. Kinda seemed like a waste in my opinion. So did the level editor with its extremely tight restrictions although making it so there are 2 Nuts that do nothing but kill themselves is amusing. Sadly the enjoyment of the game is incredibly short lived and i got bored very quickly.

Overall its an ok game although i don’t think i can recommend it. Perhaps if someone could try and hack it to remove the limitations on the level editor and give it a smarter AI it might improve but thats unlikely.


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