Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Movie) Review

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (or Sorcerers Stone in the US) is the 1st in a large saga of fantasy movies based on the books directed by Chris Columbus. The basic plot is that Harry finds out that he’s actually the orphaned son of two wizards who has magic himself and therefore in invited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I decided to watch the entire saga because of the recent death of Alan Rickman.

The movie shows you some quite interesting magic right from the beginning of the movie as well as some ok music although it was obviously made in order to get the viewers attention before Harry and the Dursley’s introduction. They did extremely well  to make the dursley’s seem really annoying in just a few minutes,  especially enough that what happens was incredibly satisfying to watch. You could tell that alot of the aspects of the movie had aged though.

Strangest thing was how calm the movie seemed most of the time even when things were happening, i also found myself wondering if it was the type of movie that liked to set things up beforehand. For example Professor Quirrel (?) refused to shake Harry’s hand at the beginning of the movie making him already suspicious and any smart person would assume those good enough to teach ‘Defence against the Dark Arts’ could probably use it themselves. Although considering practically any character that harry interacted with seemed interesting someone that watched for the first time probably wouldn’t be able to tell.

When i think about it there are a few moments that should be really boring but as I’m watching it to review it I can’t help but notice more music around these parts. It also helped that practically everything in the movie was magical in some way including the paintings and even the stairs. Considering why I’m re-watching i guess i should mention Professor Snape’s proper introduction was quite good and his trademark voice really fit with both the characters looks and personality, in other words you could say he made the role his. However you could say most of the other teachers did the same thing.

One of the most memorable things about the movie is probably Quidditch, a sport that we’d love to play ourselves but sadly we don’t have flying brooms are living flying balls like the bodger (?) and the Golden Snitch (why hasn’t a VR game been made yet). The game just seemed awesome even if its also unbelievably dangerous in multiple ways even for the crowd.

Just over 1 hour 30 minutes is when the movie seems to truly start and the buildup starts to pay off, and things start getting really serious. I really liked how the 2nd to last section had each of the 3 characters get to show off their strengths (SPOILER-coolestchessmatcheverSPOILER). The very last part was even better and though you had a good idea who the villains really were the reveal was still quite a surprise if you hadn’t seen it before. Well the movie technically lasted around 10 minutes after that which ended the movie quite nicely. It was ultimately quite enjoyable to watch again even if i knew what was happening.

Overall i believe the movie is just as good now as it was back when it was first released, you could even recommend it to those that hadn’t seen it although not if they’re the type that complains about CGI.


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